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In September 2002, we went to Virginia and found the land acquired by Captain James Lockhart in 1682. The property is located near the City of Driver in Suffolk County. The Glebe Church, which was established as part of a parish in the early 17th century, was our first stop. Nearby we met retired Judge William W. Jones who pointed us to the site of an old mill, which was mentioned in a land patent involving the sons of Captain James Lockhart. After a long conversation, the Judge brought out a map that pinpointed the lands acquired by Captain James Lockhart. The area is now a peanut field, site of a school, and a new housing development. The lands are about one mile east of the City of Driver and about three-quarters of a mile from the Glebe Church. Captain James chose the site well–the mill was nearby, as was Bennett’s Creek, which at that time could be traversed by ships. His land included a small creek. The map was made by Alice Granberry Walter and is entitled, “The Lower Parish of Nansemond County, Virginia with Adjoining Portions of Norfolk County.” It was published in 1964 and is copyrighted by Ms. Walter. [Bill and Isabelle Lockhart, Florida.]

Bennett’s Creek, near Driver, Virginia

Mill Stone, Bennett’s Creek, Driver, Virginia

Land Grant #1

Summary: To James Lockhart, 160 acres granted 20 APR 1682, 178 acres granted 20 OCT 1689, land in Nansemond County, Virginia.

Transcribed version of the original 17th century script (many words could not be figured out):

“To all etc whereas etc: Now know ye that John Nathaniel Bacon . . . president etc give and grant unto said James Lockheart three hundred and thirty eight acres of land lying and being in the Lower parish of Nansemond beginning at John Grandbury his corner g . . ., in the main for as of and being by the said Grandberry and Cofield line west two hundred and fifty two poles to a holly on the said line thence south east eighty degrees to a great g . . ., thence north seventy one degrees east two hundred and sixty six poles to the first mentioned g . . . thence east one hundred and eighty five poles to two markers gstanding . . . near together, thence north eighty poles to the line of Robt. Murray, thence by the said Murray his line west one hundred and sixty poles to a chincapin his corner tree, thence by Murrays land line north one hundred and fifty poles to his corner white oak thence down the said Murrays mile thence east one hundred and fifty poles to Richard Slaughters corner white oak standing in the land line thence by the said Slaughters land north one hundred and forty two poles to a white oak . . . within the . . . corner tree of the land of Col. Edward Carter, thence by the said Carter his line south west and by west three hundred and ninety two poles to a gum in the said line: thence south twenty eight poles to a maple in the line of John Granbury, thence of his line north eighty nine degrees . . . one hundred and fifty poles to his corner and oak on . . . by the said Grandberry, thence line south one hundred and twenty poles to the first station, one hundred and sixty acres of the said land being formerly granted unto the said Lockheart by pattent dated the twentieth of April 1682. The other one hundred and seventy eight acres being . . . for importation of two persons etc To have and whole etc To be held etc yeilding etc. provided etc.

Dated the 20th of October 1689. John Temple, John Darling, Ralph French, Daniel Smith.”

[Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants, Book 10, Page 18.]

[Transcribed by Isabelle Lockhart.]

Copy of the original 17th century script.

Land Grant #2

Summary: To James, Joseph, Benjamin and John Lockhart, sons of Capt. James Lockhart, deceased, 130 acres land in Nansemond County, Virginia, granted to them 28 APR 1711.

Transcribed version of the original 18th century script:

“Anne etc: To all etc: Know ye that for diverse good causes and considerations but more especially for and in consideration of the importation of three persons to dwell within this our Colony of Virginia whose names are James Poor, Philip Glaham and Mathew Richards We have given, granted and confirmed and by these presents for us our heirs and successors do give, grant and confirm unto James Lockhart, Joseph Lockhart, Benjamin Lockhart and John Lockhart, sons of Capt. James Lockhart dec’d of the County of _____ [blank in original] one certain tract or parcell of swamp land containing one hundred and thirty acres lying and being in the lower parish of Nansemond County near the head of the Mill Run of Bennitts Creek and bounded as followeth (etc Witt) Beginning at a gum a corner tree of the land formerly belonging to the said Capt. James Lockhart dec’d and rides thence due south ninety six pole to a holley thence south easterly twenty six degrees thirty four and half poles to a pine thence south easterly seventy two degrees seventy seven poles to a pine thence north easterly fifty two degrees thirty six poles to a gum thence due north fifty eight pole to a chincopen oak thence north easterly seventy three degrees ninety four pole to a gum thence due north forty one pole to the said Capt. James Lockhart dec’d his line thence along the same line due west two hundred and eight pole to the first mentioned station With all etc: Together with etc: To have hold etc: To be held etc: Yeilding and paying etc: Provided etc: In Witness etc: Witness our trusty and welbeloved Alexander Spotswood our Lieut. Governor etc: at Wm burgh under the Seal of our said Colony the twenty eighth day of April one thousand seven hundred and eleven is the tenth year of our reign. A Spotswood”

[Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants.]

[Transcribed by Isabelle Lockhart.]

Copy of the original 18th century script


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